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Ok, this was done back in the day, when we initially started to split out articles about English districts from towns. The principles involved in deciding whether to split were geographically based.

  • does the district include large rural areas? the more rural area included in the district, the clearer a split becomes
  • if the district does not contain large rural areas;
    • does the district contain several distinct named towns with independent histories and identities? if so, this points to a split.
    • how recently were the district boundaries set? if they are borders that were expanded in 1974, this points towards splitting. if the borders are older than this, splitting will be awkward, as there will be no firm point to start the coverage of an article from
    • does the district contain an urban core, some inner suburbs, possibly without all its surrounding suburbs? probably this should not be split, as these tight borders are historic.


  • Phase 1: Splitting all these articles.
  • Phase 2: Fixing all the links (to be done en masse)



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